Tours from the Temple of Segesta

Tours from the Temple of Segesta


Country houses

For a first-hand experience of proverbial Sicilian hospitality…

B03 43 Km 58€ per person

Wine that tastes of the sea

Exploring wineries in Italy’s most intensive winegrowing province…

B01 39 Km 58€ per person

The Gate to the Belice Valley

Ludovico Corrao’s reconstruction…

B12 56 Km 58€ per person

Castellammare del Golfo

Per aspera ad astra, i.e., through hardships to the stars…

B10 40 Km 58€ per person

On the slopes of the mountain

Short route for everyone…

B05 22 Km 58€ per person

The ring of Mount Inici

Scopello seen from above is a delight…

B06 53 Km 58€ per person

Ring around the Lake

Mediterranean flora and fauna…

B11 70 Km 58€ per person