A rental agreement must be issued prior to the release of a rental bicycle. Renter confirms the rental
period and the impeccable mechanical condition of the bicycle upon receipt.
Payment must be made in cash upon receipt of the rented bicycle. Any extensions of the rental period
must be agreed upon with the Ottotubi Bike Tour staff. In the event that bicycles are returned after the
agreement without notice, a fee of €20 plus the price of the extra hours or days shall be charged. Rental
prices include all applicable taxes and are available on our website.
All our bikes are equipped with a tyre repair kit (inner tube and tyre changer), pump, multipurpose
wrench, smartphone bag, water bottle and helmet. Bicycles will be provided in impeccable technical
condition. The renter agrees to return the bike in the same condition; any defects are to be recorded with
our staff at the reception.
Theft of a rental bicycle is not covered. Renter agrees to keep the bicycle in a secure, enclosed location.
Damage due to negligence and/or willful misconduct shall be covered by the renter in full. In the event of
loss or theft of a rental bicycle (or parts thereof), Renter shall provide for the cost of replacement which is
calculated based on the market price of the bicycle or parts.
Damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to Ottotubi Bike Tour and a report must be filed with
the police. Ottotubi Bike Tour does not cover damage caused by the use of the bicycle by Renter or any
other third party.
The use of the rented bicycle is done at the risk of the renter, Ottotubi Bike Tour cannot be held liable and
Renter expressly refuses to claim any compensation from Ottotubi Bike Tour.
The contract must be signed, together with a valid identity document, upon receipt of the bicycle.