An open-air museum

An open-air museum

A08 36 Km 58€ per person

We will pedal for about 26 km on the Old Narrow-Gauge Railway that was planned to connect the Salemi train station with the one in Kaggera (the current railway yard of Calatafimi). Most of the route, the crossing keeper boxes and stations still exist and are visible along the way, allowing us to make a dive into the past. After Salemi we will stop in Gibellina Nuova to admire the town’s architecture. The town hall, the parish church, the squares, the civic tower, and Consagra’s star are just some of the monuments and works of art dotting the new town after the earthquake that in 1968 razed the old town to the ground. The stop in Gibellina will be completed by a visit to the Tenute Orestiadi winery, which, in 2008, chose to bet on merging art and winegrowing. Native grapes before taking the dirt road that will take us back to our starting point.


Recommended clothing:


Lightweight backpack, Hat, Neck warmer, Rain jacket, Gloves, Thermal jersey, Sweatshirt, Padded Cycling Pants, Closed-toe sports shoes


Lightweight backpack, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Breathable jersey, Padded shorts, Closed-toe sports shoes


On our tours you will have all the basic equipment you need to finish it safely while having fun


Pedal-assisted bikes to help you in the most challenging moments of the tour


Homologated helmets for fun but especially safe tours

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